Digger Chan
Digger Chan Box Art

The game is built using all new components. Featuring full quality game cartridge, plastic clamshell case, colour insert and instruction manual.

Digger Chan is a brand new "homebrew" game created exclusively for the classic 8-bit Sega Master System game consoles. It will be the first new game to be released on cartridge for the Master System since 1998!

Digger Chan Screen Shot 1 Digger Chan Screen Shot 2

You play as Digger Chan working for M.O.O. Milk Co, and it's your job to go around the globe fixing the milk pipelines buried deep beneath the ground. Everyone loves having fresh cool milk available on tap, and the customers get displeased when there are problems with the pipelines, cutting off their supply of milk.

Getting down to the pipelines is not an easy job, digging is exhausting with only sporadic bottles of milk available to collect and quench your thirst. As if that wasn't enough to worry about, rival milk companies have hidden deadly explosives in your path to disrupt your work!

Digger Chan Screen Shot 3 Digger Chan Screen Shot 4

The game was first developed and released for the 2006 SMS Power! coding competition. After a couple of years of slow, start/stop development (and then a long delay after it was finished), the completed game is now finally available on cartridge. There have been many improvements since that early contest entry release including:

  • Music;
  • A new level and alterations to the existing level layouts;
  • Randomly hidden explosive TNT obstacles;
  • Character animation;
  • New title screen;
  • Three difficulty settings;
  • Ending sequence;
  • Lots of bug fixes and various other changes!

The game is compatible with both PAL and NTSC Master System consoles. It can also be played on a Game Gear handheld when used with a Master System converter. Unfortunately the game is not playable on Mega Drive/Genesis consoles.

The official discussion thread for the game in is on the Sega8bit forum: Digger Chan.

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